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CVPAC + it's "Dirty Dozen" Present Transcendance

reception :
Friday February 11, 2005, 7-9 PM

venue :
Centre Gallery
University of South Florida
Phyllis P. Marshall Center
Room 102
4202 E. Fowler Ave. Tampa, FL 33620

contact : 813-974-5464

venue url :

more information :

The USF College of Visual and Perfoming Arts Council presents a cooperative effort involving all branches of our college, to be shown at Centre Gallery, the only student run gallery in Florida. The show participants seek to explore the idea of "Transcendance," that which leads us to surpass or exceed, that part of us not of this material world, that which leads us to move emotively, this transformative dance we live. A night of music, dance, drama, and visual art is planned for our opening reception February 11th, 2005 from 7-9pm at Centre Gallery. Please join us. Musical performances will be by Ryan Pate, Tom Kersey, John Russell. Our show will also spotlight a special multi-media performance by dance and visual artist Rachel Bishop. Among others the show will include art by Irineo Cabreras, Meg Mitchell, John Gilbert, Jason Bellows, Chuck McGee, Brad Shanks, John Russell, Teresa Danak, Kurt Piazza, Kristina Bethune, Cat Thompson, Christine Bottoms, Barron Hall, Bradley Newman, Carolyn Miller, Robmat Butler, Larry Sheffield, Marie Yoho Dorsey, Cara Clark, Alex Costantino, Nicholas Sebetto, Sam Bintz, Matt Selego, Nina Stoltz, Elena Vee Carter, Juliana Prytyka, Dahlia Holmes-Scurry, ChouChou Guilder, Preston Poe, Jennifer Poe, Eleanor Grosch, Rachel Bishop, Lynne Williams, Ed Ross, John McGrane, Jill McGrane, Stacey Stormes, Jordan Starr-Bochicchio, Jessica Goldberg, and Liz Gibson. The visual arts portion of the show will run Feb. 7th-18th, 2005.Artists involved
order list by :
First NameLast Name

Below, Jason

Bethune, Kristina

Bintz, Samuel ***

Bishop, Rachel

Bottoms, Christine A.

Butler, Robert (robmat)

Cabreras, Irineo

Clark, Kara

Costantino , Alex

Danak, Teresa*

Dorsey, Marie Yoho

Gibson, Liz

Gilbert, John**

Goldberg, Jessica

Grosch, Eleanor

Guilder, Chou Chou Alexis Lean

Hall , Barron

Holmes-scurry, Dahlia

Mcgee, Chuck

Mcgrane, Jill

Mcgrane, John

Miller, Carolyn

Mitchell, Meg

Newman, Bradley

Piazza, Kurt ***

Poe, Preston

Poe, Jennifer

Prytyka, Juliana

Ross, Ed

Russell, John F. ***

Sebetto, Nicholas

Selego, Matthew*

Shanks, Brad

Sheffield, Larry

Starr-bochicchio, Jordan

Stolz, Nina

Stormes, Stacey *

Thompson, Cat

Vee, Elena **

Williams, Lynne

"*" = biography,
"*" = image(s),
"*" = webpage
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