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Diran Lyons

about :

Diran Lyons' art practice is heavily conceptual with exacting craft and edgy content. He employs disparate strategies and media in accordance with the needs of a particular project, including painting, video, photography, indoor and outdoor installation, stationary and kinetic sculpture, and performance. Lyons was Regents Fellow at the University of California, Santa Barbara, securing a Master of Fine Art in Painting and New Genres. Deeply committed to the tradition of artists such as Joseph Kosuth, Robert Smithson, Barnett Newman, Charles Gaines, Renée Green, etc., he writes critically about philosophical issues, his own artwork, and that of others.

Lyons currently lives and works in Tampa, Florida, exhibiting differing bodies of artwork nationally and internationally. His participation in notable film festivals and video venues includes the Pacific Edge Film Festival at UC Davis, CA; The Streaming Festival {The Hague} sponsored by Mediamatic Cultural Institution of Amsterdam; Synthetic Zero in The Bronx, NY; WPA\C’s After Effects at Corcoran Gallery of Art Armand Hammer Auditorium, Washington DC; Antimatter Underground Film Festival in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada; the Ybor Festival of the Moving Image in Tampa, FL; amongst others.

Dedicated to advancing Friedrich Nietzsche’s notion of the aesthetic object as a 'Creative Lie' which in turn reveals greater truths, Lyons' solo museum exhibition ENGULFED at the Gulf Coast Museum of Art in Largo, FL, was a production of six new works tailored to appear and announced as a group show that homogenized internationally recognized artists who engage contemporary theories of the sublime. The artworks therein, produced by Lyons himself, were original and hitherto unseen by the public but attributed to and labeled with the names of the artists fictitiously included in the exhibit to create an aesthetic environment of illusion primed for investigation.

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art shows :

07-14-06 | solo | The Emergent Garde: ENGULFED | The Gulf Coast Museum of Art | (images)
12-15-05 | group | REDUCED: an exhibition of black and white artwork created by emerging artists | The Gulf Coast Museum of Art
12-10-05 | group | 313 vs. 813 | Covivant Gallery | (images)
09-24-05 | group | Brave New World | Nyx & Chaos Studios | (images)

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