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Fluff Constructivists

website : http://www.thefluffconstruct.com/

(click for larger image) Fluff Constructivistsfrom "Enter Starbreath" exhibitionabout :

The Fluff Constructivists are a collective and collaborative group with a primary function to offer gestures of goodwill. These gestures may exist as gifts, an imposed change on a setting, activities that provide entertainment for the artists, etc.
Another function of the group is to create new situations for themselves and others. This is related to their ongoing interest in searching for the -new-, despite the perceived death of the avant garde in post-modernism. Although cynicism may be implied in the work, they support sincerity.

Major works include: gift by/as/for location. IA, MN, NY, FL, 2001-present transatlantic (in orange). NY, FL, IL, Netherlands, 2002-3 Parumpa and the Uber-Decoration. FL, 2003-4 Stages in Short Gasps. FL, NY, 2004 Thornton Biennial (and 2004's Kruszka Pavilion). IA, 2004-ongoing Frontier at Dawn. FL, 2005-6

See also : Mikel Durlam
See also : Ethan Kruszka

art shows :

04-13-07 | solo | "The Bats Will Cum: Antecedents" Closing Reception | Para Gallery (formerly Kama Gallery)
02-16-07 | group | art.music.poetry | [5]art Ybor
10-20-06 | group | "October Funeral" / MFA Exhibition for Mikel Bisbee-Durlam | William and Nancy Oliver Gallery
03-25-06 | solo | Frontiers at Dawn | Covivant Gallery | (images)
03-05-06 | group | Booty Art Expo | downtown Tampa | (images)
02-03-05 | group | Enter Starbreath | William and Nancy Oliver Gallery | (images)

feature :

03-28-06 | Show Review: Frontiers at Dawn
03-24-06 | Show Spotlight: Frontiers at Dawn

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