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Greg Latch

website : http://www.LatchArt.com

about :

Artist Statement:

"Abstract, surreal, postmodern, are just terms to me. My subject matter is physiological and/or fantastical in nature. Stemming from sub consciousness using whatever is at my disposal at the time; paper, canvas, stone, wood. If it works I will use it to further the work. At times I will use contrasting ideas of ugly verses beauty with colors that purposely have nothing to with what are commonly associated with these ideas. Not for the reason of just being different but to break down tired and worn ideas of associations. Because as in life every perception is different it's the collection of many perceptions that must and can be changed by substituting one for another for this is how cultures can evolve and change using art. One might dispute this as a contradiction, but ones own sub consciousness will work even while doing work with forethought and intent."

Greg Latch Bio:

Greg Latch Tells His Story: Pt.1

Greg Latch: I was born in Corinth, Mississippi on leap year of 1960. I really donít remember much until I was living in Chicago going to school wanting to be a basketball player after watching a donkey basketball game. I don't get the connection either but any who, I was with my mother getting all her teeth pulled, she was very young, when across the street I saw some kind of party for a small man. I asked my mother if we could go, so she took me. The party was for an artist named Picasso they were dedicating a sculpture of his. At that time I thought "hey, I can do that." He was getting a lot of attention maybe an artist is better than an athlete. I had won the 6th grade art contest for my school in the 3rd grade, hey what did I know. When I look back at this I remember one thing: he looked so sad to me, bored even though he had very piercing eyes. I will always remember those eyes but at the moment I donít remember the year, it does not matter anyway. My dad got sick and we had to move back to Mississippi. Corinth, Mississippi to be exact, that is no swimming pools unless segregated which I thought even at the time that was just wrong. I am part Native American and thatís a different race... Any who, I drew all the time, no video games back then and no art in the schools. The only art classes I had was at bible school. After I got older I drew for the church, I think mainly because no one else wanted to. It was about this time that my oldest sister Donna died on Valentines Day at age 16. We were very poor, my father only having a 10th grade education and probably a learning disability, side bar here: my father was a very loving person he tried to do the best he could and we loved him very much.

art shows :

08-19-05 | group | Clair de Lune, An Evening of Art Gazing | The Sanctuary Lofts Gallery | (images)

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