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"Tampa Bay and Beyond" was founded in the spring of 2005 by John F. Russell as a free resource for artists and musicians.

With the site I strive to promote emerging artists and musicians working in or around the Tampa Bay area and focus on getting the word out about events that might not get as much publicity in the mainstream media.

The site lists upcoming art and music events but is not just intended to be used as a list of upcoming events but also as a valuable archive. All events are archived, with pictures from the reception when available, and display lists of local artists involved as well as information about the show. The site provides free artists pages that dynamically link to upcoming and past shows that artists have been involved in.

Artists may submit show information, artist information (biography, statement, vita, etc), sample image of your work, webpage link, email, etc free of charge for listing in our artist database or local artists. You will be linked to any events that we become aware of that you are involved in. So keep in touch.

John F. Russell


John F. Russell - Director of Operations, Web Design and Management. Founded "Tampa Bay and Beyond" in the spring of 2005.

many thanks to:

John P. Gilbert - An old friend, and previous owner of the tampabay-online.org URL.

Dave Rau for technical expertise, php/sql code.

to keep "Tampa Bay and Beyond" going


Tampa Bay and Beyond (Art and Music) , Director of Operations : John F. Russell

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